New Goddess House opens in Glastonbury

28th March 2016

The new Goddess House in Glastonbury is now open. It is both a holistic Natural Health Centre, and a Goddess educational centre with beautiful workshop spaces and group rooms. [more]

Interfaith faith in Fairtrade

21st March 2016

A recent Big Fairtrade Breakfast seemed like a good venue to get representatives of different faiths sitting together and discussing Fairtrade… amongst other things. [more]

Fields of The Nephilim return with Prophecy

17th March 2016

We’ve been awaiting news from Fields of the Nephilim ever since tales of exciting new material emerged on social media last year. We all know what a perfectionist frontman Carl McCoy is when it comes to his music, and that’s only right and proper. This is not ‘just’ music: it’s so much more. [more]

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