Pagan Dreaming by Nimue Brown

By Siobhan Waters

Pagan Dreaming by Nimue Brown | Moon Books | ISBN: 978-1785350900

My dreams were in the process of returning from a long period of absence whilst I was reading this book, in a strange but delightful coincidence.

I have a non-relationship with my dreams. I’ve suffered from sleep paralysis all my life, and since every bout is preceded by horrible nightmares, my instinct is to open my eyes and wake as soon as possible. So I really appreciate Nimue’s emphasis on healthy sleeping and dreaming and not just dream interpretation. I also appreciated the inclusion of scientific and medical findings on sleep and dreams.

The brain/mind is a complex and fragile organ and using cheap tricks to achieve clarity in dreams (as found in many other books) rarely spells anything other disaster. You won’t find tricks in this book, only simple, sage advice, sections from Nimue’s own dream diary, and advice on how to keep one.

I found a lot of new information in this book, and its clear, breezy style made it a joy to read. I never once felt like I was trying to cram too much knowledge into my head. Pagan Dreaming has definitely gone straight on to my ‘top 10’ list of Pagan books.