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Kate Large, Editor, Pagan Dawn
Kate Large, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to the website of Pagan Dawn magazine, journal of The Pagan Federation!

Pagan Dawn has been in print since 1968 and was instrumental in the launch of the Pagan Federation in 1971. Completely staffed and run by volunteers, it continues to grow and evolve with the global Pagan community, leading us to set up our own website.

From this site, you can catch up on the latest Pagan news and reviews, then dive in to expert features, while browsing for gifts in the Pagan Federation shop. You can take out a yearly PF membership, which among other benefits, entitles you to free copies of Pagan Dawn, both in print and in our paperless, interactive edition. If you’d like to subscribe to Pagan Dawn magazine you can do that too, and you can also purchase single issues.

While the Pagan Federation is based in England and Wales, worldwide visitors can access the Pagan Federation International. Wherever you are in the world, local PF officers are there to embrace and represent all paths of Paganism, as well as Heathenry, Druidry, Witchcraft, and more.

The 2011 census showed over 80,000 people identifying as Pagan in England and Wales, while in other major countries of the world, Paganism and Earth-centred spirituality is growing at a fantastic rate. Pagan Dawn seeks to inform, educate and entertain seekers of all paths, both in the magazine and now, online as well.

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Enjoy the site!



If you’d like to submit a piece to Pagan Dawn, our guidelines are:

  • Pieces between 750 and 2,400 words of spell-checked copy, all the author’s original work
  • , from a reliable return email address, so we can contact you
  • All pieces are liable to be edited for style and brevity, the Editor’s decision is always final
  • All images in JPEG format, as large a file size as possible. Original work, or clearly credit the photographer
  • All staff on PD work on a wholly voluntary basis and are unpaid. This includes our authors, so we cannot pay for submissions – but if you include a current postal address with your submission, we will send you a complementary copy of the magazine with our thanks.

Please submit review books and materials to:

PD Reviews, BM Box 7097 LONDON WC1N 3XX


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Pagan Dawn is produced by Pagan Federation, a not for profit company registered in England and Wales number 4056879 and limited by guarantee. Registered Office: c/o NLD Accountancy, Suite 1, The Werks, 45 Church Road, Hove, UK, BN3 2BE.
(NB: If you want to get in touch with us please use the details in the CONTACT US section rather than the registered office.)