The Magic of Vinegar

7th July 2016

Rachel Patterson loves to use ordinary every day ingredients and items from her kitchen cupboards for magical workings, and vinegar, with a bit of adaptation, is one of them. [more]

Exploring Elves 

29th June 2016

Where do you get your own personal image of Elves from? From Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, role- play games or fantasy art? How about looking at some Mediaeval North European sources? There are Anglo Saxon and Norse texts, Germanic folk tales collected by Grimm, Icelandic sagas and British traditional folk songs and stories. [more]

Salt & Magic

4th June 2016

Rachel Patterson on the different types of salt to use for magical purpose. [more]

Clannad: Bards of the land

14th April 2016

Pól from the iconic Irish band Clannad talks about spirituality, his link with the land and the power of the creative process. [more]

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