Alan Moore: The art of magic

12th February 2016

Comics legend Alan Moore is the author of titles including Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta and From Hell. He is also a ceremonial magician and co-founded the Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels. Sam Proctor asked him more… [more]

Magic Man: The art of Tom Brown

4th February 2016

Tom Brown is a Pagan artist and illustrator famed for his striking fantasy work. Pagan Dawn columnist Nimue Brown – his wife and co-creator with him of the Hopeless, Maine graphic novels – delved into his psyche for us. [more]

What’s in a name? A Heathen’s musing

28th January 2016

Heathenry is sometimes described as “Paganism with homework” and is seen as just as much a journey of wisdom as spirituality. Chris Hodges-O’Connell (Eofor) is certain that one day to be Heathen will be understood far and wide. [more]

The majickal world of Matlock the Hare

4th January 2016

Sometimes, in this saztaculous, often crumlush thing we call life, we can find ourselves wondering just how we ended up doing the things we currently do. Say hello to Matlock the Hare. [more]

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