The PD Yuletide Gift Guide

21st November 2016

Pagan Dawn Editor-in-Chief, Kate Large, shares some of her recommendations for buying beautiful and meaningful gifts for Pagan friends and family this coming Yule. [more]

Red Witch by Anna McKerrow

1st September 2016

The sequel to Crow Moon, Red Witch follows angry young witch Demelza Hawthorne as she journeys beyond the Greenworld, the witch-run ecocommunity she was born into, to the unknown Redworld. And it’s a firecracker of a book. [more]

Barrow Wake by Inkubus Sukkubus

14th June 2016

Beautifully sung and beautifully arranged, ‘Barrow Wake’ is a haunting Gothic folk hymn to the strange and the magic of the Gloucestershire countryside that is the band’s home. [more]

Deep Water by Lu Hersey

18th May 2016

A magical and thoughtful Young Adult novel, redolent with Cornwall’s witchcraft heritage and written by a magical practitioner, lending it authenticity and grace. [more]

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