Doreen Valiente: The Play (coming soon)

Doreen - An English Witch

A new play about the life and times of Doreen Valiente will premier in Brighton this November to coincide with Witchfest, also being held in the south coast city this year.

Running from 21 November to 25 November at the Emporium Theatre (just heard a new venue is having to be chosen to accommodate a longer run – more details soon) Doreen – An English Witch is being staged by Normal People Productions, cowritten by Archie Caine and Roman Withers, and features well-known local actress Peta Taylor in the titular role.

“The play will be a talking head style play, featuring a single set throughout, and will see Doreen tell stories of her life, ranging from meeting Gerald Gardner al the way to her last partner with the help of a training postulate,” explains Withers.

Tickets will be on sale from the end of March, and there are also plans afoot to hold a Q&A session after the first performance (hopefully attended by what Withers refers to as “some famous pagan names”), while after the last performance the team hope to stage a big Witches’ Ball to finish the week off in style.

“Nothing like this has been put on before and we are pleased and excited to be part of this project,” says Withers. “Obviously there will be some information that is oath bound so that will be kept hidden. But we are also working with the Doreen Valiente Foundation, who are completely supporting this project and are going to receive all the profits.”

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