The TTGI (Thank the Goddess It’s) Friday Giveaway: Nature Mystics & Circle of Eight

Book covers

This week’s giveaway to ease the pressure on the tottering PD bookshelves is a double-header featuring Rebecca Beattie’s Nature Mystics & Jane Meredith’s Circle of Eight.

Both of these are great reads. Rebecca’s excellent Nature Mystics traces the lives and work of ten writers who contributed to the cultural environment that allowed Modern Paganism to develop and flourish throughout the twentieth century and covers John Keats, Mary Webb, Thomas Hardy, Sylvia Townsend Warner, D.H. Lawrence, Elizabeth von Arnim, W.B. Yeats, Mary Butts, J.R.R. Tolkien and E. Nesbit.

In Circle of Eight, meanwhile, Australian Jane Meredith presents a magical system for developing powerful rituals based on your own relationship with the land. It’s a genuinely fascinating book that will help you celebrate the eight festivals of the year with an emphasis on local energy and intention.

with ‘Mystics & Circle Giveaway’ in the subject line. And, as is by now traditional, we’ll pick the winner at random and announce it on the Facebook page towards the end of next week.

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