Head North for the PFI Norway Beltane Bash 2016

Norwegian Wood

The Pagan Federation International Norway is hosting its first Conference, the Beltane Bash 2016, in woodland outside the city of Horten from 29 April to 2 May.

The programme is still coming together, but here are the details so far from organiser Ninmah:

“The PFI Conference, with lectures, Beltane Ritual, workshops etc will be held on the Friday and Saturday. There is an option for invited pagans to stay on for the full 4-day event through the Monday. There will be pagans represented from Nordic Asatru, Shamanism and the Wicca. The Friday is for meet-and-greet, Saturday is the Conference with lectures, workshops, market and a Nordic Beltane ritual in the evening!”

“The last two days, Sunday and Monday are for Wicca and OTO only, so please make sure you only pay for the 2-day option if you are staying for the PFI Conference and Beltane Ritual :)”

Daypass Prices for the Conference start from €63, but even Friday and Saturday room and lodging can be had for the (cheap by Norwegian standards) rate of another €63, and there are also various early bird rates and other options. The early bird rate ends on 25 Feb, though, so you’ll have to be quick to snag that.

Borrevannshytta in Horten features what are billed as rustic but comfortable cabins in the woods of Norway, by a lake teeming with fish and birds. Horten is a well-known city in Norway and further afield since it is also the home of the Midgardsenteret, the Midgard Historical Centre, which is located next to Northern Europe’s largest assembly of monumental grave mounds from the Germanic Iron Age and the Viking Age.

In other words, there’s no shortage of things to do away from the event. And as befits a Viking site, Horten is only about an hour and a half or so away from Oslo along the coast of the Oslofjord, and, for international visitors, the closest airports are Oslo-Torp & Oslo-Gardermoen.


And, worth mentioning also, PFI Norway hosts regular PFI pubmoots in Oslo every second Saturday of the month, all welcome. Details here.