Hunting down old copies of The Wiccan

Pagan Dawn will be 200 issues old in 2016. However, for the first 112 issues, it was a newsletter called The Wiccan that began in 1968, long before the formation of the PF itself!

Pagan Dawn has finally managed to complete a full collection of all our back issues for our archive, but some issues are in poor shape. In those early years, an issue of The Wiccan was four to six typewritten pages stapled together. Our copy of issue 73 was, regrettably, copied so badly that the back page is unreadable, Issues 78 and 79 also seem to be missing pages.

We are looking into the possibility of making these old issues available to all our members to show the history of how the PF formed and grew. But it would be wonderful if any of our long standing readers out there still have those issues 73, 78 and 79 that we could borrow and copy.