Inkubus Sukkubus return to dark folklore roots for Barrow Wake

Inkubus Sukkubus

Barrow Wake CD Cover (excerpt)

Subtitled Tales of Witchcraft and Wonder, volume 1 (Gloucestershire Horror Folk), astonishingly enough this is the band’s 20th CD release and sees them mining an impressively rich seam of Gothic Pagan alt folk.

Inkubus Sukkubus are, of course, PD’s own Candia McKormack on vocals/bodhran, other half Tony McKormack on guitars/programming, and Dave Saunders on bass/acoustic guitar. And the material on Barrow Wake reflects the fascination that Gloucestershire natives Candia and Tony have for their local folklore, whose songs tell tell tales of river goddesses, witch persecution and magical landscapes.

According to the band, as well as looking at more general British mythology – shape-shifting, seasonal agricultural celebrations and witch-finding – Barrow Wake explores some peculiarly Gloucestershire dark tales while giving a nod towards the horror movies of Candia and Tony’s respective youths, such as The Wicker Man and Blood on Satan’s Claw.

Subject matter on the album thus covers an impressive gamut, from the traditional trope of Witch of Berkeley, about a woman who lived life to the full only to find her hedonistic ways catching up with her in spectacular and demonic style; to The Rape of Maude Bowen, based on the ‘true’ stories surrounding Maude’s Elm in Cheltenham, dealing with incest, murder and witch persecution

Gloucestershire’s May Hill is recreated as the mystical, almost hallucinogenic realm of Forest Hill, while the county’s famously picturesque viewpoint, Barrow Wake, finds its darker associations explored.

Release date is, appropriately enough, this year’s Summer Solstice: June 20. More info at

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