This year’s Interfaith Week begins 13 November

Interfaith Week volunteers

As PF VP, Mike Stygal, explains: “Interfaith week is all about bringing communities together to celebrate our differences and our similarities.

“It’s about working together, developing new partnerships and new friendships, gaining greater understanding of one another and what is important to each other. Interfaith week is about inclusion.”

The Pagan Federation has long been engaged with interfaith work. Mike goes on: “Our officers meet leaders of other faith communities, learning about them and their work in the wider community and including Pagan perspectives and activities in shared projects.

“Interfaith week is an annual focus of these activities where the hope is that more people will be interested in getting involved and discovering new friends who might have some differences but will certainly have some similarities, too.”

There are many opportunities to get involved with this very worthwhile event. In addition to joining in with interfaith week activities in local communities, there are plans to hold an online event on November 19th that will share examples of activities during the week and include some live activities. It will be prominently advertised in the PF’s Facebook group: groups/paganfed and via social media.

Anyone interested in getting involved in a local interfaith activity or event should visit And there’s a really good Interfaith Toolkit for download too.