Journey to the Goddess Realm Oracle by Lisa Porter

By Kate Large

Journey to the Goddess Realm Oracle by Lisa Porter | US Games | ISBN: 978-1572817302

A cast of 36 goddesses are brought to life in this deck, which sets out to ‘activate higher conscious awareness’. To characterise this as an eclectic deck is an understatement: goddesses portrayed include Wuriupranili, White Buffalo Woman, Scathach, Quan Yin, Baubo, Mary Magdalene, Sedna and (a little curiously, in my opinion), Baba Yaga.

In addition to the 36 goddess cards, there are three ‘confirmation cards’: negation, affirmation, and revelation, which is assigned a non-dualistic meaning. There isn’t a great deal of information on how to use these three cards in relation to the other 36 – are they meant to be kept aside and used to clarify certain queries, or do they ‘amplify’ the messages of cards surrounding them? I couldn’t find clear directions in the accompanying booklet, so if you’re using this deck, let us know what works for you.

The cards themselves are quite large and printed on semi-matte cardstock, with backs that allow for reading reversals. The name of each goddess accompanies the main image, with a keyword, handy for novice readers.

Porter’s style, and the generous size of the cards, allows for lots of detail to be included in each image – it’s obvious that a great deal of work has gone into each one. But I found the diversity of goddesses presented to be quite bewildering. Others may find the very same aspect inspiring, but for me, it just didn’t work. Perhaps when a deck’s theme is as broad as ‘goddesses’, there are simply so many out there, from so many cultures, that to pick and choose becomes almost impossible. Porter has certainly made some interesting selections, and it’s great to see some lesser-known goddesses included, but in offering breadth, the deck loses clarity and cohesion.

If you already work with a very wide range of goddesses, then you’re likely to revel in this deck. If not, I would get to a stockist and check the cards out first, to see if they’re going to be right for you.