The magical properties of bread

By Rachel Patterson

Close up of Focaccia bread

Bread is one of the first baked food products apparently dating back to the Neolithic area (about 8000 years ago).  Leavened bread was made in Egypt around 4000BC when the basic diet was bread, onions and beer…a bloke’s diet then 🙂

Bread is a basic mixture of flour, water, salt and yeast to which all sorts of extra ingredients can be added.  Yeast is ‘alive’ so a loaf essentially carries the energy of life within it.

Don’t leave your loaf lying upside down though…it will attract negative energies.

The bread will also carry with it the particular energies of the grain that was used to make it whether it is wheat, barley, rye etc.

The ‘Seven Sacred Grains’ are barley, corn, oats, millet, rice, rye & wheat – the staples that have kept the human race alive basically…

Bread is excellent for use in ritual to honour deity and to ground after energy work.

Bread also lends itself to being a carrier for any magical intent, whilst you are making the bread visualise your desire and send that energy into the dough.  You could even mark a symbol in the top of the bread to correspond with your intent before you bake it.

General Bread Magical Properties

Depends on the grain used, all breads are good for offerings and grounding

Element – Earth

Gender – Feminine


(Hordeum vulgare L)

A member of the grass family this grain is a super healthy, high fibre, high protein whole grain.  Used in making barley malt which is a key ingredient of beer (got your attention now?) it is also used in cattle feed.  But it is yummy, tastes a bit like brown rice and can be added to all sorts of recipes.

Barley is one of the oldest grains believed to have been cultivated around 10,000 BC.

Barley is most definitely a Lughnassadh (Lammas) grain.

It is a Venus plant so can be used in all sorts of love magical workings and recipes.

Sprinkle barley around the boundary of your property to provide protection.

Tie barley straw around a pebble and throw into a river or the sea to take away any illness or pain.

Associated with the heart chakra barley can help ease emotional issues and turn them into positive energy.

Barley magical properties

Love, healing, grounding, protection

Ruling planet – Venus

Element – Earth

Gender – Feminine


(Secale cereal)

A grain crop, rye is mainly used in cooking to make bread.  It is highly susceptible to the ergot fungus consumption of which can cause serious health problems both mentally and physically.  It has been suggested that the women accused of being possessed during the Salem witch trials in 1692 were actually suffering from ergotism after eating infected rye.

Rye is often baked into bread to give to a lover to increase their feelings for you but I would suggest adding rye to your diet to increase self love too.

Rye Magical Properties


Ruling planet – Venus

Element – Earth

Gender – Feminine


(Triticum spp.)

Wheat is the cereal grain that appears in a huge amount of our foods and the one that represents abundance, prosperity and rebirth.

Wheat is sacred to Ishtar, Osiris, Demeter and Ceres.  It is a symbol of the harvest, the Mother Goddess and the bounty that the Earth provides for us.

Eat bread and recipes made from wheat to bring prosperity and abundance into your life.

Wheat Magical Properties

Prosperity, rebirth, abundance, wishes

Ruling planet – Venus

Element – Earth

Gender – Feminine