It’s now even easier to advertise in Pagan Dawn

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While the baby dragons are asleep, we’ve had an overhaul of our advertising systems here at PD Towers with the result that now you can do everything online. Hurrah!

Essentially what we’ve done on the one hand is update our advertising details and create a simple online form which lets you specify the size of an ad, which issue you’d like it to run in, or where you want it to appear on the website. And, on the other, we’ve made some changes in the backend to make it even easier to pay via PayPal or bank transfer.

Prices start at an enormously reasonable £35 for a ninth page ad, and, with the momentous 200th issue due out for Lammas and packed full of famous names and high-profile features, there is sure to be a lot of interest in the magazine.

Web prices also start at £35 and extend PD’s international reach even further. Indeed, since the website was first launched in February, we have had roughly equal number of views logged from the UK and the US, followed by Canada, Germany, Brazil and Australia. All in all has been read by people in 143 countries!

We can even help design your advert for you!

And don’t forget, Pagan Dawn is a not-for-profit venture. We are run completely by volunteers and every penny and cent we make is ploughed back into the magazine and the invaluable work of the Pagan Federation.

if you have any queries or would like further information.