Online Beltane Festival – Day 2

May Pole close-up

The Pagan Federation (England and Wales) Disabilities Team is inviting people to join them on Facebook for an online festival, and here’s Day 2’s line-up.

“Here at the Pagan Federation we’re trying to combat the loneliness and isolation that the disabled in our community feel,” says the team’s Debi Gregory. “Too large a number of our brothers and sisters are finding it increasingly difficult to make it to moots and events. So, we’ve decided that if we can’t take them to the gatherings, we’ll bring the gatherings to them.”

Our giveaway today comes courtesy of Dana Elaina’s Pagan Drapery, a family run shop selling clothes and gifts for the pagan family, specialising in children’s clothes and larger sizes. If you have an idea or a design, they can accommodate you and their prices are very reasonable!

Pop over and show them some love!

Our first feed today, at one, is Michelle Ginnelly with her talk on Cornish Beltane Traditions. She even talks us through the traditional dance steps so clear some space for that! If you try the dance, pop us a video! We’ll have a giggle!

Michelle works in conservation and would like to raise awareness for her work.

At 2pm, we’re joined by SD Stevens with an extract from her book, Dark Magic Rising, and a Meet The Author.…

At 4pm we’re joined by Nimue Brown, an amazing writer and blogger who will be taking us talking to us briefly about meditation.

Follow the link to find out more and join in: Online Beltane Festival.


Photo credit: liquidcrash via / CC BY-SA