Online Beltane Festival – Day 5

May Pole close-up

The Pagan Federation (England and Wales) Disabilities Team is inviting people to join them on Facebook for an online festival, and here’s Day 5’s stellar line-up.

(Note this is occasionally subject to change – check the Facebook page for the latest updates)

First, the mission statement: “Here at the Pagan Federation we’re trying to combat the loneliness and isolation that the disabled in our community feel,” says the team’s Debi Gregory, in her introduction to the event. “Too large a number of our brothers and sisters are finding it increasingly difficult to make it to moots and events. So, we’ve decided that if we can’t take them to the gatherings, we’ll bring the gatherings to them.”

So, courtesy of Debi, here is today’s rundown:

Welcome to day FIVE!

We’re over the hill and heading towards the end of the event but it’s not over yet!
Our next two days are action packed and filled to the brim with knowledge, support, encouragement and entertainment; just for YOU

Our giveaway today comes courtesy of Moon Books who are giving one lucky person the choice of any book from their Portals and Pathways collection! Mighty fine prize, right there!

We kick off the day at 1pm with our first speaker, the spectacular, amazing, wonderful Kate Large of Pagan Dawn! She’ll be with us LIVE!

At 2pm we have Mabh Savage of Moon Books who only got involved with this a few days ago so I’m thoroughly thankful and impressed at how organised this talk has been put to us!…/mo…/new-for-april-celtic-witchcraft/

At 4pm we’re joined by Rebecca Beattie with Natures Mystics.

I’ll be closing the competition at 6pm as usual and then we’re joined at 7pm by the one and only Ashley Mortimer of the Doreen Valiente Foundation, who will be with us LIVE from the Doreen Valiente Exhibit in Brighton! EXCITING!

What an awesome day ahead!

Follow the link to find out more and join in: Online Beltane Festival.


Photo credit: liquidcrash via / CC BY-SA