Online Beltane Festival – Day 6

May Pole close-up

The Pagan Federation (England and Wales) Disabilities Team is inviting people to join them on Facebook for an online festival, and here’s Day 6’s stellar line-up.

(Note this is occasionally subject to change – check the Facebook page for the latest updates)

First, the mission statement: “Here at the Pagan Federation we’re trying to combat the loneliness and isolation that the disabled in our community feel,” says the team’s Debi Gregory, in her introduction to the event. “Too large a number of our brothers and sisters are finding it increasingly difficult to make it to moots and events. So, we’ve decided that if we can’t take them to the gatherings, we’ll bring the gatherings to them.”

So, courtesy of Debi, here is today’s rundown:

Good morning!

Today we have another full lineup!
Our giveaway comes courtesy of DanaElaina’s Pagan Drapery.

At 1pm we’re kicking off with Naomi Jacobs and her long awaited talk on Access and Justice: Disabled Pagan Activism.

At 4pm we’re joined by the incredibly wonderful Cat Treadwell and her Inspiration in Every Step.

At 6pm it’s time to gather the family because it’s story time! Dylan Knight will be joining us with a performance of Yallery Brown!

The giveaway will close at 6pm, as usual and I’ll announce the winner at 7pm.

Follow the link to find out more and join in: Online Beltane Festival.


Photo credit: liquidcrash via / CC BY-SA