Online Solstice Event live online now

Summer Solstice at the Little Tunnel

Following the astonishing success of the Online Beltane Festival, Debi Gregory and the PF Disabilities team are staging a solstice event this weekend.

The Beltane event ran over eight days on Facebook, reached over 20,000 people and had an astonishing 1000 active participants. The solstice event has been compressed into a slightly more manageable two days, but features roughly the same volume of talks, workshops and live events.

Without further ado, here’s the running order.

Online Solstice Festival
Saturday 18th June

10:00 – Welcome from the Disabilities Manager.
11:00 – Opening ritual with Jay Anderson
12:00 – Embracing the Chaos with Krissy Elliot
12:30 – Disabled Pagan Voices Project with Diane Worthington
13:00 – Out and About with Inkubus Sukkubus
14:00 – Magic in Modern Society with Robin Herne
15:00 – Meet the National Deputy Disabilities Manager – Beth Murray
16:00 –Diversifying the Female Archetype in Modern Paganism – Jay Anderson
18:00 – Midsummer and Modern Magic with Hayley Addis
19:00 – Good evening from the Deputy Disabilities Manager



Photo credit: Preserved Light Photography via / CC BY-NC-ND