Pagan Dawn’s historic Issue 200 now on sale!

PD Issue 200 cover

The historic 200th edition of Pagan Dawn, featuring exclusive interviews with Professor Ronald Hutton, novelist Susan Cooper, Marillion’s Steve Rothery, Pat Mills, creator of Sláine, and much, much more is available now and there are many ways to get it.

If you’re a subscriber or a PF member, the owls bearing Issue 200 are on their way to you as we type (it’s rather hot, so they may need to rest their feathers in the shade for a bit until tomorrow). If you buy your PD at a shop, they should have issues on sale by the weekend. If you buy online, they’re available now at The PF Shop (and, while you’re there, you may want to consider joining the PF, who do lots of invaluable work for Pagans in the UK). And if it’s none of the above, or you’re one of our many international readers who don’t like to spend a king’s ransom on postage, may we recommend you check out the electronic edition, letting you read PD anywhere in the world for a bargain £3.99.

200 issues! We hope you enjoy it…