Pagan & Heathen Symposium helps shape RE resource

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The increasingly impressive Re:Online resource for religious teachers (primarily in the UK, but it is a global resource) now has a detailed section on Paganism that seeks to inform people on the beliefs, teachings, wisdom and authority, and more of modern Paganism.

Written initially by Professor Denise Cush, ex Professor of Religion and Education at Bath Spa University, the Pagan & Heathen symposium has also consulted widely on the project.

“Essentially, Denise wrote a first draft, then the Symposium worked on it over several months, getting input from representatives of each of the included Pagan and Heathen traditions,” explains outgoing PF President, Mike Stygal. “We went through about eight or nine different versions as we fine-tuned what needed to be added, what needed to be rewritten, and what needed to be removed.

“Making sure everyone was happy with the final draft, and that it had some pointers to accurate information on their tradition took time, but was worthwhile in terms of inclusion and accuracy.”

The result is an impressive and inclusive resource that covers the aforementioned Beliefs, Teachings, Wisdom, Authority section and adds Ways of Living; Ways of Expressing Meaning; Identity, Diversity and Belonging; Meaning, Purpose and Truth; and Values and Commitments. In that it follows the same structure as the other major faiths covered by the site, from Baha’i to Zoroastrianism, and the hope is that it will be equally as referenced by teachers as their subject ranges over the world’s faiths.

Of course, it’s not hard to see it having wider uses in the Pagan community too, especially for those ‘coming out’ as Pagans to friends and family for whom Paganism’s contextualisation as part of an inter-faith resource might be especially valuable.

Mike promises that more in-depth material will be developed in the future, as well as actual teaching resources for use in the classroom. More information at the site itself here, and you can also read Mike’s answers to reader questions which further annotate the information on display here.