PF membership moves to date-based system

The PF is overhauling the way that it records the start and end dates of membership. At present a PF membership year is defined as four issues of Pagan Dawn, and the expiry of a membership occurs when the last of those PD issues has been sent out. Membership cards show an expiry such as ‘PD200’, indicating the membership expires after Pagan Dawn issue 200.

To make things easier to understand, it has been decided to change to a date-based system, so that a membership year will run for a calendar year from the date the membership is setup or renewed. The membership cards will then show a date as the expiry and members will receive all issues of Pagan Dawn published during that calendar year.

The upshot of which is that new membership cards will soon start to show an expiry date, and all existing current memberships will be converted to an expiry date in the membership database. In practical terms it won’t make a whole lot of difference, renewal letters will still be sent out a couple of months before memberships expire as before.