The Rumi Oracle by Alana Fairchild and Rassouli

By Laura Daligan

Rum Oracle cover

The Rumi Oracle | Alana Fairchild and Rassouli | Blue Angel Publishing | ISBN 978-0738749297

Everything about this deck is sumptuous: the rich, purple and gold packaging, the high-quality finish and design of the cards and the sensuous visionary art of Rassouli. This is not a deck to dip into for a quick ‘yes and no’ reading but one to savour, preferably with a warm bath and a glass of wine!

Rumi, the 13th century Persian, is now one of the most-read poets in America and most-quoted on Facebook. His poems speak of divine ecstasy, love and longing, and his ideals translate beautifully into an oracle deck.

This is an oracle to speak to your heart and soul. A card I recently chose had the description: “I care not for what makes sense, I care for what brings you alive!” This is the feeling of the whole deck – a calling to dance, to surrender to wild cosmic bliss, to love yourself and others.

The 44 cards come with a decent-sized guidebook and anyone familiar with Alana’s other decks will recognise her familiar style. The book contains a plethora of Rumi wisdom and each card has an in-depth description with guidance and a Sacred Honouring Ritual.

This is a lovely oracle, one which can mirror our longings and passions, offering us wild comfort and inspiration in return.