Sacred Path of the Goddess – Perpetual Diary by Tiana

By Thea Prothero

Sacred Path of the Goddess – Perpetual Diary by Tiana | Goddess Temple Gifts, Glastonbury 

For anyone unfamiliar with Tiana’s work, check out her website. Her goddess art is a mainstay at the Goddess temple in Glastonbury and the Goddess conference held mid-year. Her work steps into the otherworld of deity and imagination, and you cannot help but be awed by the presence of Tiana’s goddess paintings, a glimpse of the divine.

This diary is designed by Sharon Zak, and has a real quality feel to the paper and sumptuous layout. Tiana says in the introduction: “Come, take my hand and walk with me” as we are guided through a year of delicate artistry. Each double page features Tiana’s wonderful paintings, sculptures, beading, stonework and doodles, each page is inspiring and reverential.  As the diary is perpetual, it can cover any year and be started at any point, making it a perfect gift for Yule or birthdays. A truly lovely diary for any Pagan path.