Sacred Plant Initiations by Carole Guyett

By Thea Prothero

Sacred Plant Initiations by Carole Guyett Bear and Company | ISBN: 9781591432135

Carole Guyett is a medical herbalist and Shamanic practitioner, living and practicing in Ireland.  Influenced both by her Celtic surroundings, the wheel of the year and Native American teachings of the Beauty Way, Carole successfully blends both to create her own unique way of honouring our sacred relationship with plants. In a very precise clear manner, Carole teaches how to commune with 8 plants, (each representing a point on the Wheel of the Year,) via “Plant Dieting”, a traditional Shamanic custom of connecting to the plant’s spirit.  The experience and knowledge of the author is evident throughout the book, as she guides the reader with practical ideas and advice.

The eight plants featured in the book, such as Oak, Primrose and Dandelion, are commonly found and easily recognisable, thus making everything within the book extremely accessible, even to the novice or simply curious. Included within the book are many quotes from previous attendees on Carole’s group ceremonies, expressing their own views on how they were enriched by the Plant diet experience, this is an interesting prospective, and gives a very rounded view on the whole process. I particularly liked inclusion of images in the centre, especially the plant labyrinth.

I found the author’s enthusiasm and vast knowledge on the plants very inspirational and anyone with a love of magical plants will really enjoy this book.