Say hello to Pagan Dawn issue 199

PD issue 199 cover

Apologies for being a bit quiet of late, but it’s mainly because we’ve been shepherding Issue 199 though the printers and, fingers crossed, copies will be mailed out to subscribers and available to buy in the PF shop in the next few days.

Nice cover, eh?

It’s a fascinating read as ever inside too. As well as our regular columns by top authors such as Nimue Brown, Laurence Main, Terence Meaden, Rachel Patterson, Cat Treadwell and others, we have a whole slew of special features for you.

Anna McKerrow looks at The Lost Library of John Dee; Rebecca Beattie details life as an urban Nature Mystic; Pete Jennings examines the darker side of elves, Kate takes a close look at the new Folklore, Myth and Magic Doreen Valiente exhibition; and we have profiles of artist Wyn Abbot, Scottish rockers Saor Patrol, and much, much more.

Kate’s editorial column recognises the fact that we are journeying on without some of our most dearly missed friends and colleagues too , as we have had to add the passing of John Belham-Payne to the loss of Michael Howard and Jean Williams.

“Whether we are motivated to work in memory of a loved one, out of the need to pull together in a crisis or for personal, devotional reasons, what matters is that the work is done,” she writes. “Moving on towards light and warmth – grieving the loss of those we wish were still physically with us – the great contradictions of Earthly life continue. That we can never change but what we can each do is work: work not just for our own communities but any and all who require our help. The world turns and we endure – and so must a real, lasting Pagan legacy.”

Happy to say that Issue 199 is very much part of that legacy and it will be with you and on sale soon.