There is much more in the print magazine of Pagan Dawn, particularly in terms of our in-depth features examining every aspect of Paganism as it is lived in the 21st century, than we can easily put on the website. Happily there are a number of ways you can subscribe.

Visit the PF Shop to take out a yearly PF membership, which among other benefits, entitles you to free copies of Pagan Dawn, both in print and in our paperless, interactive edition.

You can also simply subscribe to Pagan Dawn magazine on its own, which costs £14 for four issues. Or you can purchase single issues at £4.75 each if there is just perhaps one article you’re interested in. Again, head to the PF Shop, though be warned: stocks are often limited.

One answer to that problem that we have launched in recent years is the electronic edition. Available for Android and iOS, it is also the perfect way for international readers to get the magazine without the penalty of exorbitant international postage costs. Prices are £3.99 for a single issue or £11.99 for four and a year’s subscription. Click here for more details. It is also available as part of a yearly Pagan Federation International membership.