The PD Yuletide Gift Guide

21st November 2016

Pagan Dawn Editor-in-Chief, Kate Large, shares some of her recommendations for buying beautiful and meaningful gifts for Pagan friends and family this coming Yule. [more]

Red Witch by Anna McKerrow

1st September 2016

The sequel to Crow Moon, Red Witch follows angry young witch Demelza Hawthorne as she journeys beyond the Greenworld, the witch-run ecocommunity she was born into, to the unknown Redworld. And it’s a firecracker of a book. [more]

Deep Water by Lu Hersey

18th May 2016

A magical and thoughtful Young Adult novel, redolent with Cornwall’s witchcraft heritage and written by a magical practitioner, lending it authenticity and grace. [more]

Rachel Patterson: Beyond the kitchen…

6th April 2016

This will be an interesting season for fans of PD Kitchen Witch author, Rachel Patterson, who has not one, not two, but three books on different subjects coming out in three months. [more]

Third Matlock the Hare book gets crowdfunded

10th February 2016

Saztaculous news! We are very happy to report that one of our most popular recent feature stars, Matlock the Hare, has successfully reached his crowdfunding target and the third part of the peffa-perfect trilogy can now go into production. [more]

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