Pagan Sustainability: Why it matters

25th February 2017

When asked “what is sustainability?” we think of recycling, solar panels and planting trees. All are valuable, yet they are inherently symbolic and fail to address the major issue. [more]

Understanding the immense legacy of John Belham-Payne

15th March 2016

With the Doreen Valiente Exhibition still on schedule for a 2nd April opening in Brighton, PD talked to the Doreen Valiente Foundation’s Ashley Mortimer about the Exhibition, John Belham-Payne’s untimely death, and the Foundation’s plans for the future. [more]

How the Pagan population is changing

3rd March 2016

Research undertaken by the University of Tromsø has already revealed some fascinating insights into the make-up of the modern Pagan community. Now the team is after new data to take the study forward. [more]