Clannad: Bards of the land

14th April 2016

Pól from the iconic Irish band Clannad talks about spirituality, his link with the land and the power of the creative process. [more]

Magic Man: The art of Tom Brown

4th February 2016

Tom Brown is a Pagan artist and illustrator famed for his striking fantasy work. Pagan Dawn columnist Nimue Brown – his wife and co-creator with him of the Hopeless, Maine graphic novels – delved into his psyche for us. [more]

What’s in a name? A Heathen’s musing

28th January 2016

Heathenry is sometimes described as “Paganism with homework” and is seen as just as much a journey of wisdom as spirituality. Chris Hodges-O’Connell (Eofor) is certain that one day to be Heathen will be understood far and wide. [more]

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