‘Tales of Albion’ to be released 12 December

Tales of Albion DVD and cover

After lengthy delays in post production, Egotrip Media’s Tales of Albion finally finishes its epic four year journey and is available to preorder now from its website with a release date of 12 December.

Consisting of eight separate stories all with a pagan theme set across different times and different places in Britain, though most of the shooting for the film wrapped over a year and a half ago, editing a project of this size is a tricky process when you’re doing it on a budget and you’re cramming in over 400 FX shots into a little over two hours. Recording sound, composing music, rerecording some dialogue, compositing, grading, mastering…the list goes on. It’s like magazine production, but worse. But the final files were eventually copied on to a drive in mid-November and sent off to the DVD duplication house, with the result that the Tales of Albion team now have a lot of envelopes to stuff to meet the pre-order rush.

There’s no Blu-ray option as, even though the film was shot in HD, Blu-ray duplication can be prohibitively expensive. HD will have to wait for a hoped for digital download in the future.

But for now, the film is ready to buy now for a guaranteed Yule delivery. Pricing is £16.99  for the UK, $29.99 for North America NTSC, and £20 for the Rest of the World PAL version. All prices include postage. That link again: www.talesofalbion.com