Robin Taylor assumes PF presidency

Robin Taylor

Robin Taylor has taken over from Mike Stygal as President of the Pagan Federation. 

Robin has outlined his vision to take the Pagan Federation forward and, being fully supportive of the PF’s equality ethos, he is keen to continue to expand our anti-discrimination work, supporting Pagans who are marginalised in any way. Robin said: “We can make a difference by providing support to those who are at the receiving end of discrimination, as well as to Pagans in prisons and in hospitals.”

Mike, meanwhile, transfers to Vice President and Community Support Officer, and will continue to be active in our education and interfaith work.

Robin has high praise for the disabilities team, managed by Debi Gregory, which is already doing sterling work in this area. Referring to the online festivals, Robin states: “They have been a great success. I have been very impressed by the range and quality of material put forward and would like to thank everyone involved.

“They have shown that once material appeared online it led to interest not only from disabled Pagans but also from the wider community, including those who cannot easily attend events because of work and family commitments.”

Another aspect of this is promoting Paganism in mainstream society. Robin’s vision is clear: “We can work to make the Pagan perspective more widely known and accepted, not only in our dealings with official bodies but in intellectual and artistic discourse more widely.

“To this end, I want to reach out to artists, writers and defenders of the environment, with whom we often have a great deal in common. I would like Paganism to be seen as linked to a radical independence of mind and a shared experience of the sacred rather than to structures of belief widely seen as implausible.”

As well as continuing with the interfaith work, Robin also would like to see more harmony between different parts of our communities. He says: “Our view of Paganism embraces the polytheist community and I would also like to reach out in that direction across the differences that have sometimes arisen.”

Robin also praises Pagan Dawn, saying: “I hope it will continue to provide a lifeline of contact, particularly to those who realise that the Pagan view of the world lights up their life but have no-one else to talk to about it or share it with.”

In other changes, Jay Anderson has been co-opted to Committee as the new Advocacy Officer; Andrew Troszok (the current Assistant Treasurer) has been ratified as the new Treasurer taking over the role from Robin, Hazel Macmillan has stepped down to take on the role of Social Media Manager, David Spofforth becomes the new Media Officer, and Andrea Merry has been ratified as the new General Secretary of the Pagan Federation – taking over an essential role that has been vacant for too long.