Third Matlock the Hare book gets crowdfunded

Matlock's artwork is all created by Jacqui Lovesey

Saztaculous news! We are very happy to report that one of our most popular recent feature stars, Matlock the Hare, has successfully reached his crowdfunding target and the third part of the peffa-perfect trilogy can now go into production.

There are various rewards still to be claimed though, so if you’re a fan of all things Matlock it’s well worth checking out the Kickstarter page before the crowdfunding phase wraps up on 29 Feb.

Here’s what his creators, Phil and Jacqui Lovesey, have to say about the third instalment in full on Dalespeak.

“Matlock the Hare, his third and final challenge to become Most Majelicus is going to be the ‘twizzliest’ of them all. Fresh from solving The Riddle of Trefflepugga Path and only just completing The Puzzle of the Tillian Wand – our sometimes intrepid hare-hero from Winchett Dale soon finds himself alone in The Ganticus Ethereal Realm standing trial for crimes he didn’t commit in front of the fearsome Majickal-Elders…

Well, not quite alone – unfortunately, some of his more useless, clottabussed friends are also there to help, which will surely only make matters far, far worse and truly glopped up!

This ‘excrimbly’, page-turning, final book will contain over 500 pages of ‘saztaculous-griffles’, complete with over 30 full-page black and white illustrations taken from the colour originals –  plus maps, glossary and a host of other wondrously ‘twizzly’ surprises, too!”