Welcome to the new Pagan Dawn website

Today we’re proud to take the covers off our latest venture: a brand new website that will feature news and reviews for the Pagan community, as well as showcasing some of the best feature content from the magazine.

We’ve been working hard on this all winter and now, with Imbolc past and the surge of life that is spring readying to burst forth into abundance, we thought we’d do the same thing.

Bookmark us at www.pagandawnmag.org.

While the magazine is still, of course, the main focus for the editorial team, we’re going to have a lot of content on the site with regularly updated news, reviews and articles that will reflect the current diversity and sheer fecundity of the Pagan movement. We’ll have some great competitions and giveaways, there are some really excellent articles (both new and from the archives) cued up for you to read, and we also have some really exciting plans for the future.

or via social media (@PaganDawnMag has a variety of great daily tweets and over 5,000 people follow us on Facebook).

As Editor-in-Chief, Kate Large, puts it: “The 2011 census showed over 80,000 people identifying as Pagan in England and Wales, while in other major countries of the world, Paganism and Earth-centred spirituality is growing at a fantastic rate. Pagan Dawn seeks to inform, educate and entertain seekers of all paths, both in the magazine and now, online as well.”

Enjoy the site!