Come and work for Pagan Dawn

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Pagan Dawn is put together every issue by a team of volunteers. From the top to the bottom, we all give our time freely to create what we think is one of the best magazines out there in any category. And that means we need your help.

We need talented people in the following roles to come onboard and help take the magazine to the next level. These are all unpaid roles – no-one in PD earns a penny from it; we’re only asking you to work for free because we do! – but in terms of helping build a community and getting some high-profile voluntary work on your CV, they’re richly rewarding.

PD Designers

Pagan Dawn gets more beautiful with each issue and we need more designers to help keep it that way! Working in a team of volunteers based all over the country, you’ll report in to our production editor.

The role involves creating layouts for columns and features. This can also involve sourcing images, meaning that you really take ownership of the look and the feel of the article you’re laying out. Some sub-editing experience is preferable but not essential.

You will need access to recent versions of Indesign and Photoshop, plus a reliable internet connection. You can fit the work around other commitments as suits you — we all do! — but will need to keep our production deadlines in mind.

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Pagan Dawn Ad/Marketing Manager

All of our advertising revenue is reinvested so that we can continue to grow the magazine, so we need someone with a passion for PD and previous advertising/marketing experience is preferable.

You will bring in Pagan businesses and organisations to advertise, while seeking out new magazine outlets. Regular computer, email and internet access are vital and hours are flexible but busier around deadline, when you will ensure all ad materials are present and correct.

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Pagan Federation Publications Officer

A publications officer is required to look after all books, products and information packs that the PF produces, ensuring they are updated and reflect the spectrum of Paganism in England and Wales. You will also need to attend four committee meetings per year.

Other roles include working with Pagan Dawn’s editor-in-chief, ensuring that editorial content reflects the policies and ethos of the PF, and overseeing PD’s publisher.

You should have experience of publishing, working with printers and suppliers, be active and knowledgeable in your area of the Pagan world and have been a PF member for at least one year. Also crucial are social skills for getting along with people and managing volunteers.

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Photo credit: ToastyTreat via / CC BY-NC-ND